Romney Coronation on Hold

Posted on February 8, 2012 by

It appears the GOP primary season will be a long, grueling, down to the convention run unless someone makes out like a bandit on Super Tuesday. The Florida victory that appeared to set Romney up as the nominee has done no such thing.

Rick Santroum swept the three contests on Tuesday night, winning Missouri primary, and the Minnesota and Colorado caucuses. From Politico:

Rick Santorum dealt an embarrassing setback to Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign Tuesday night, sweeping non-binding contests across three states and raising new questions about conservatives’ willingness to accept Romney as their nominee.

Santorum beat Romney handily in the Missouri primary and Minnesota caucuses, and well after midnight on the East Coast he was also declared the winner of Colorado’s caucuses. He defeated Romney by 30 percentage points in Missouri, 55 percent to 25 percent; in Minnesota, Santorum took 45 percent to Ron Paul’s 27 percent and Romney’s 17 percent.

This is more evidence of how conflicted conservatives are between what the pundits perceive as electability and a commitment to ideological purity.