The Case For Grace

Posted on February 12, 2012 by

Keeper at home. Impatient. Loving wife. Time waster. Frugal. Judgmental some days; brimming with mercy on others.

I am a study in dichotomies, as are most of us. For every Scriptural principle that I can check off there’s another that makes me wince as I see my inadequacy. I know women who hold outside jobs and are generous, kind, and loving mothers. I’ve seen wives who stay at home who are undisciplined and less than careful with their husbands hard earned dollars. I’ve met public school moms who are actively engaged in the lives of their kids and homeschool moms who are candid about the fact that they are sick of their own and wonder each year if this the year they’ll enroll their children in public school.

None of us has it all together. Some are stellar homemakers, but have confrontational personalities. Others are kind and tender, but the house is a mess. That’s just the way life is. Perfection is always just far enough out of reach to keep us humble. The problems start when we go through life browbeating fellow believers about the areas we have mastered while ignoring the areas that we haven’t. Certainly we need to proclaim the truth. But all of it. Not just the parts that make us shine, but the parts that we work overtime to keep hidden from plain view. Especially those parts. It’s what makes us human, relatable, someone others feel they can confess their faults to because we are so transparent about our own.

This is the case for grace. It’s where mercy and truth are met together, where righteousness and peace kiss each other. It’s where my impatience is met with love because you know where I am. You’ve been there. It’s where the empty nester with the immaculate home encourages the mom of littles who has toys strewn every where. Or better yet, doesn’t even notice the toys strewn every where. Or at least doesn’t let on that she notices if she does.

It’s where we remember that we are all dust, all in need of pity from the only One whose way is Perfect. And that one is not us.

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