Becoming a Happier Homemaker- Introduction

Posted on February 14, 2012 by

Since I became a homemaker about a zillion years ago I have struggled to do my homemaking duties well and enthusiastically.  Being a day dreamer and a free-spirit by nature I am not  task-oriented.  Things that my Type A sisters find to be no big deal such as folding laundry and mopping floors isn’t so easy to me.  They fold an entire load in about 5 minutes.  I fold 3 shirts and then drift off to la-la-land for 20 minutes.  While contemplating  everything from the nature of the universe to the price of tea in China is fun it doesn’t result in a checked off to-do list.  Laundry still isn’t folded and now I have to go change a poopy diaper and take the burnt muffins out of the oven.  I know hubby will come home and say “what did you do today” and I will struggle to answer.  “Well, ummm…uh…. umm… I think I thought of a way to solve the debt crisis …. but… uh…. you were talking about tangible accomplishments, weren’t you?  In that case I folded 3 shirts and made Charcoal Muffins.   I also kept the kids alive which was harder than it sounds.”

At times I would get so sick of myself that I would decide to kill the inner day dreamer once and for all and become a Type A.  This lasts a few days.  I get a lot accomplished but eventually I decide that the task-oriented life is too soul-crushing.  I’m a peacock, you gotta let me fly! (10 points if you know what movie that is from).

As of late I have been strategizing how I can be a better and happier homemaker.  I think I have started to find my inner Type A but I am making a point to nurture the inner free-spirited day dreaming hedonist as well. I think I have made some progress and am excited to share some of what has worked for me with others.  I know there are ladies out there who are homemakers on principle but struggle to be enthusiastic in their role.  I want this series to be a journey we take together to discuss the practical and emotional struggles of being homemakers and how we can infuse more joy into our life.  I firmly believe that with some effort, prayer, and creative thinking women of all personality types can learn to love being a homemaker.  To paraphrase my son’s favorite TV character, Can we do it?  Yes we can!