Butch is “beautiful”

Posted on February 15, 2012 by

I’m on a no-more-trannies crusade. They’re everywhere in the media, and I find their preponderance disturbing. Not just for aesthetic reasons, but also because it is a frank display of the decline of Western Civilization. The public image of women has hardened, and they’re now depicted as “strong and sexy”, with the imagery increasingly androgynous — even in magazines aimed primarily at heterosexual men. In fact, I often see commentary in which men who prefer feminine-looking women are called “pedophiles”, which mirrors the depiction of men who prefer their women to be housewives as “oppressors”.

We can see the difference starkly through a series of images.

Facial femininity is strongly correlated with neoteny.

In other words, feminine women have soft faces that evoke protective instincts in those who see them, just as with a small child. Feminine faces are those that we would consider “sweet” or “cute”.

Hard or well-defined faces are masculine, as their appearance is aggressive, intimidating, and dominating. This effect is most noticeable in the jawline, cheekbones, and eyebrows. Here are some examples of masculine faces:

Most real-life women are a combination of the two, just as I am, with some veering more toward the feminine or masculine sides. Women who are too fat or too thin will generally have reduced facial-femininity.