The New Author of Life.

Posted on February 16, 2012 by

President Obama is now god of America. Having grown impatient with his role as High Priest, he has deified himself. All hail.

The Obama administration continues to propagandize for the acceptance of pregnancy as an illness in need of a cure, of which children are but a symptom to be medicated away. It is not an accident that he has placed this burden at the feet of the Catholic Church. It fulfills the President’s need to paint faith and religion as secondary to government, and to make the blatant infringement against the Constitution he vowed to uphold appear to be merely about an extremist anti-birth control fringe group rather than inappropriate government encroachment. He chose well, as Catholics and other conservative Christians are wildly inconsistent in our orthopraxy.  It is easy to compel capitulation by framing the argument as one of “care”, certainly it’s easier to hide our sin in his. Better to let him bear the public consequence of his war on babies, while we wage our own in private.

We can argue and sputter all we like about Obama’s usurpation of our “rights”, but the simple fact is we handed them over quite willingly. We can accuse him of eugenicist policy and diabolical elitist social engineering. And then we can look in the mirror. Pot, meet kettle. All hail.