Book Review: The Lost Art of Housecleaning

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The Lost Art of House Cleaning

Sometimes you just don’t know how much you don’t know about a subject until you do a little research.  Housecleaning seems like a simple enough topic that one might not even be inclined to do any research.  This is what I thought for about 10 years but then I wondered “if housecleaning is so easy why is my house not cleaner?”  I started to do some searching around for strategies and solutions and that is when I came across this book.  The author owned a residential cleaning company and here she explains how to clean a house efficiently and effectively.  Some of the things she explained how to clean were things I had not even thought to clean.

What this book is not- it is not about decluttering, or tidying, or a moralistic tale on why you should be cleaner.  It is just the basic how-to’s of nitty gritty deep down cleaning of a house.  She gives you a supply list (that is surprisingly short) and a methodology so that you never retrace your steps or have to wonder where you left off.

So why did I review this book for Traditional Christianity?  Because Lent is almost here and it is a great time to do some cleaning house..spiritually and practically.

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