More eugenics in America

Posted on February 20, 2012 by

America is the birthplace of the Eugenics, and it appears to be a mentality that was never completely eliminated. Scarily-enough, we’re watching it rise again all over the country. From the human biodiversity (HBD) movement, to federally-financed abortions, to the forced sterilization of the disabled, to the legalization of suicide, to the reign of CPS terror, to political attacks on pro-life institutions like the RCC, to the rabid promotion of contraception for the underclass and other “undesirables”, to, to, to… I’m starting to feel like I’ve been transported back to Nazi Germany.

From the Detroit News:

Michigan is breeding poverty

Since the national attention is on birth control, here’s my idea: If we want to fight poverty, reduce violent crime and bring down our embarrassing drop-out rate, we should swap contraceptives for fluoride in Michigan’s drinking water.

We’ve got a baby problem in Michigan. Too many babies are born to immature parents who don’t have the skills to raise them, too many are delivered by poor women who can’t afford them, and too many are fathered by sorry layabouts who spread their seed like dandelions and then wander away from the consequences.

Michigan’s social problems and the huge costs attached to them won’t recede until we embrace reproductive responsibility.

Reproductive responsibility means that they take over responsibility for your reproduction. I’m surprised he didn’t suggest we simply eat the babies or make them into kid gloves.

It’s a brave new world out there, and the imperfect and unwanted have no place in it. It all sounds very reasonable at first, as utilitarianism is always reasonable, but add it all together and you can see the new humanist tyranny unfolding in our nation. We are on the slippery slope of the Culture of Death, and there’s nowhere to go from here but down.