Understanding Fitness Politics, by Kojak

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My husband participates in an online “conversation” that makes ours here at Traditional Christianity appear restrained and uber sophisticated.  What men who love guns will put up with is a lot, apparently, and so it is with this group of firearms geeks, and because the right enumerated in the second amendment of the US Constitution is so entwined with politics, politics frequently becomes its own thread, and down the rabbit hole they go.

A woman participant displayed recently what I believe to be the definition of self-determined self-destruction:  she cannot understand that her love for self-preservation by firearm is at odds with her insistence that chemical birth control is not only her right, but is beneficial to her well being.

At the risk of being overly simplistic, let’s (albeit unfairly, she’s not here) examine her argument and see where she goes wrong:

1)  she smells funny, and is therefore less likely to accurately choose a/be chosen as a compatible partner

2) she subconsciously conflates chemical birth control with “safe sex” and is more likely to contract disease

3) she subconsciously believes that merely not becoming pregnant will preserve her desirability to a future potential ltr/husband

4) she has been sold, criminally, if you ask me, the lie that chemical birth control is not physically harmful to women

5) she has been sold, criminally, if you ask me, the lie that chemical birth control is not physically harmful to men

6) she has been schooled well in the propaganda of Social Darwinism, yet fails to see how that rules her unfit

7) she elects to poison herself and advocates poison for her “sisters”, and accuses a certain Presidential Candidate of Whom We Will Not Speak of hating women and running for Pope rather than President.

Well, dear, here’s the thing:  if we were not Christians, if we were not Catholic, we would buy you the chemical birth control all day long.  Because we are, we will not. You have been alleged to be more than a sum of yer parts. How pathetic is it that in the era of self-esteem, we esteem you more highly than you do yourself?

Who loves ya, baby?

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