Innocent until proven white

Posted on March 24, 2012 by

I’ve been watching the Trayvon Martin reaction with some interest. I was first concerned that the police might have neglected their duties and fully expected a more detailed report would eventually emerge that clarified their decisions. I’m generally not a fan of vigilante justice, as it tends to lead to chaos and blood-feuds, and this seemed like it might be a case that supports my argument. Also, I understand the demoralizing nature of racial profiling, even if it’s a natural response to differentials in crime rates.

But then the entire situation took on an almost surreal quality. The newest development is the President making the bizarre statement:

“When I think about this boy, I think about my own kids,” Obama said, adding later: “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.”

So, he’s upset because of empathy based upon this young man’s appearance? Well, I have a son and he doesn’t look like Trayvon. Should I take this at face-value and assume that Mr. President wouldn’t care about him? What would the headline look like?

White kid gets shot. Everybody yawns. Obama says, “He didn’t look like he could be my son, so I don’t know what the big deal is.”

I was concerned about a possible injustice, but now I’m disgusted by the turn of events, and I’m uninterested in taking sides in some politically-expedient race war. This is just typical of Mr. President, our nation’s Rhetorical Whore in Chief, who happily turns our presidential campaign into a tribal vote. Whatever happened to the soaring speeches and song of hope for the future, change in politics, and transparency in government? We did get a change; a change for the worse. But who would have thought that even the wordsmithing would so rapidly degrade? Did the teleprompter break down, or something?

Is this why the DOJ has been so reluctant to go after the Banksters? Because their victims are mostly old, white people? Whatever happened to justice being blind? Whatever happened to the President caring about the fate of all citizens? Is this what happens when the presidency is just an extended election campaign? The DOJ has time for this, and the .gov thought it was a priority to break US law so as to make sure every Kenyan woman can get all of the abortions that can be bought, but trillion-dollar crimes just go quietly unnoticed.

But, let’s be honest here. We don’t actually expect anything more from Mr. Obama, and we know that the law is an ass. No, let’s talk about the really irritating thing about this whole schizophrenic fit of hypocritical rash judgment. What has been so irritating to me is how this all matches the larger pattern.

Look at the way the blood-thirsty crowd faltered and become a bit confused when it came to light that the “night watchman” wasn’t white. Was that an important factor for their wrath? Were they meaning to use this for their national get-whitey campaign? Perhaps they have finally decided to expand the effort to a get-whitey-and-browny campaign. I wonder what the early civil rights leaders would have thought about the fact that today’s lynch mobs are usually black.

When the police kept mum about it all, insisted that it had been handled well, and quietly handed the report over to the state, my suspicions were confirmed that this isn’t as simple as the “hoodies” (formerly known as “hoodlums”) pretend it is. We don’t really know anything about this case, and the original complaints were that the deceased was a victim of prejudiced vigilantism, but we call for heads to roll because the accused is “white enough to be racist”, and we want to string him up instead of letting the wheels of justice turn. Nice.

This is merely the last in a long line of unjustified-outrage protests and faux-oppression hysterics that are meant to distract us all from anything truly important for our nation. It’s the circus to go with our food stamps.

It’s been absolutely amazing to me that there’s been national protests about this case, but those same people don’t even want to discuss the overflowing violence in our cities.  It’s not unheard of to have 50 people shot in one weekend in Chicago, as if it were a warzone. They blame the warm weather. Apparently, spring brings out their inner killer. Same old, same old.

Just as I’m tired of the feminists telling me what to be upset about just because I am female, I’m tired of the race-baiters telling me what to be upset about just because I have African ancestors.

Don’t color me black. Don’t color me white. Color me completely fed up.