Because some people are more equal than others

Posted on April 9, 2012 by

Oppressors selling t-shirts, in front of a sign that most appropriately reads "LIAR".

Ah… the great state of Maryland, USA. The local newspapers have been awash in pretended outrage over a college campus organization called Youth for Western Civilization. It is a chapter of a national organization that is currently active on 15 college campuses (according to the Baltimore Sun, who broke the story), and that is considered a hate group by the SPLC. (Yes, I laughed when I read that.)

It is a majority student organization modeled after the politically-successful minority student organizations who use similar tactics and identical rhetoric. Really, the rhetoric is exactly the same, except that they’ve switched out “straight” for “gay”, “white” for “black”, “Christian” for “Muslim”, etc. The intentional irony of this is apparently lost on their audience, to everyone’s surprise.

As one concerned student notes:

“As a black student, those words scared and concerned me,” said Kenan Herbert, a 24-year-old senior and president of the Black Student Union. “A lot of other students and I feel unsafe with this organization being on campus.”

I can completely understand the point he is making. When students organize upon racial lines in order to promote their agenda, and use threatening words like “pride”, students of any other race are wise to feel intimidated. Or is that not the point he was making? I’m confused.

They shook things up last year with a “straight pride” rally, where people stood around politely in public with all of their clothes on while speakers talked about chastity. I suppose they were reading from Bible passages. Scary stuff. In the meantime, valiant counter-protestors told them that they should be put down or have their women raped, in a sort of reverse Jim Crow action.

They apparently finally wore out their welcome this year with a “white pride” incident, where they scrawled the words all over campus in chalk. The removal of such graffiti will cost $4 million dollars and take 8 years, according to my calculations. Or it will simply wash away with the next rain — whichever happens first.

This is just more evidence of the blatant lack of respect for the law that characterizes such traditionalist groups. It may not have been an illegal action, but it sounds like it should have been illegal and it made people uncomfortable, which is just as bad. The school administration is now reviewing their chalking policy, but admits that they were within their First Amendment rights. Everyone is disappointed, even the YWC members, who had already contacted the ACLU to prepare for a legal fight.

Why should white kids have free speech? That’s so unfair.

While not explicitly racist, the group’s language demonizes minorities, gays and lesbians, and non-Christian religious groups, said Marilyn Mayo, who studies extremist groups for the Anti-Defamation League.

They offend the holy trinity of politics. We can’t have that. If they were demonizing straight, white Christians, then it’d be different. It’s alright to be prejudiced against those people.

“What they’re talking about is preserving white culture when we live in a diverse, multicultural society,” she said.

Another sacrilegious effort. Why should anyone try to preserve white culture, the culture of society’s oppressors? White people don’t deserve to have their own culture, and they need to be assimilated into… er… diversity. How can anyone suggest anything else?

In December, they set up a Nativity scene at the Union that appeared to compare President Barack Obama to Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin.

This was an outrage because it’s so inaccurate. They should have compared him to Mussolini, as he’s more of a fascist than a communist. At least, during Phase One of his administration. Does this mean that they’re now considered “domestic terrorists”? These are clearly dangerous people, and women of color won’t feel safe in Maryland until we know that these law-abiding, conservative, white men have finally been taken off the streets.

I’m shocked! Young people who aren’t staying politely at home and masturbating to deviant porn, and instead are out promoting such vile things as marriage and Western tradition? What hateful wickedness will they promote next? Fatherhood? Respect for life? Immigration controls? Jesus the Christ?

I’m horrified. Are you horrified? Be a good serf and put on your “I’m horrified!” face, please.