She considereth a field…..

Posted on April 13, 2012 by

From a traditionalist point of view, (and for reasons we’ve discussed exhaustively, so I’ll spare us all a rehash short of specific questions from newcomers and David Alexander) I’m not keen on married women in the conventional workplace full time. Short of her husbands desire or need for her to be away, a woman’s primary responsibility is to her home, for the benefit of her entire family, including husband, children, and community.
That said, I’m a firm believer that a woman should earn money in order to contribute to the running of the household, and to engender a spirit of enterprise in her children*. My own children already engage in small-scale purchasing and reselling of antiques and collectibles, and they’ve expressed an interest in gardening for profit and perhaps selling eggs from our yet to be acquired flock of laying hens. I admire their initiative, even though they’re all scared of chickens judging by the fact they will not get out of the truck at the horse barn if the resident clucks are about.

So, my own big idea is a small house one street over from us, for sale by an owner who is no longer able to live on her own, and owned free from liens, to purchase, repair, and rent out, and also use it’s very large and somewhat segregated side yard as an extension of our own garden. I’ve never been a rent seeker landlord, but the house is cheap, and while cosmetically it’s a catastrophe, I’m equipped to correct that, and structurally it’s sound, and most of the systems have been replaced within the last 5 years. If push came to ugly shove, we could live in it, and if not, it would be a nice monthly return on investment considering the demand in our area. I don’t hold out much hope on the property value going up, it would be short term (+/= 5 years) and strictly a highest/best use proposition – it is a house whose best years are behind it, but it’s a decent property with a nice sized yard in a desirable area. Anyway, I’m thinking about it….I’m curious what ideas for additional streams of income, as it becomes increasingly necessary to establish them, are rolling around in your genius minds, and the genius minds of your spawn?

(and I’m soliciting all the tenant disaster stories you can muster, so I can make an informed decision before descending in the madness)

*Again, every man requires different things of his wife, so ymmv. Amen.