Fear and self-loathing and babies suck

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Contributed by Aunt Screwtape:

Look, you dumb, broken rape victims, here’s the deal – you need to kill your babies. Preferably before you know about them, thanks to the Plan B “emergency contraceptive” that is offered as part of most hospital rape trauma treatment. You’re obviously too intellectually deficient to separate a vicious attack from an innocent child, so here’s a glass of water, go on now, bottoms up. Good girl.

In other words, you’re merely a substandard repository for the contaminated sperm of your alleged attacker, and he’s a – he’s a – he’s a HE! AAACCCKKK! I mean, why didn’t you offer him a blow job or something, because any child born of this situation is likely to be as stupid as you are, you stupid stupid head? (notice that stupid stupid head is derogatory, but NOT sexist, so this is NOT a war on women)

Dear Aunt Screwtape,

Thank you for your letter. I want to know the truth, and I hope you’ll oblige me – is it I am woman, hear me roar, or is it really Kill your baby(ies) you’re an incompetent whore? A woman has a choice whether or not she’ll transcend circumstance and decide that her half of this tragic union is worthwhile, or that a child has value beyond his parents sin, even a violent one, or she’ll listen to the voices that say, when it’s reduced to the truth of the message, that she’s not good enough or strong enough or smart enough to make good of the horrific, to suffer for someone other than herself, to be cooperatively creative – in other words, aren’t you insisting that she’s not good enough to be a mother?

Ironically, feminism was supposed to liberate the culture from the idea that motherhood defines women, and that men imposed that construct on us – instead, it only insists that we’re unworthy of being mothers, and so we should kill our babies, and they will stop at nothing to impose that construct on us.

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