Secularism is a greater threat to Christianity than Islam

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Check out this post by a Catholic blogger. Is Islam dangerous and incompatible to the West? Yes. But when one compares the sheer influence and effectiveness of Islam with Secularism, the latter is the stronger beast. Secularism (non-belief, indifference or skepticism) fueled the Enlightenment and lead to liberalism, the philosophy which has engulfed Western civilization and rationalized the illnesses, chaos and societal breakdown befalling the West as something positive, progressive and enlightening. Secularism has created scores of apostates from Christianity in a few generations. Compare these set of events with that of Muslims and Christians fighting for centuries, and how despite Islam conquering Europe, Christianity still prevailed in the end. Here’s the author of the blog responding to one of the comments on his post:

Pete, Islam could not destroy European Christianity in over a thousand years of jihad. Secularism destroyed it in less than one generation. The truth is, Islam would be no threat to Western Christianity at all, had Secularism not neutered it first.

Observe the infiltration of heretics and non-believers in the Christian Church (e.g. non-belief in God and the Bible, not following God’s teaching, loss of shame, exaltation of following current fickle modern trends). The final verdict is in: between the evil of Islam and the evil of Secularism, Secularism is the greater evil (and possibly the mother of all evils). Remember this when contemplating this specific war of the worlds.

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