Mother puts poison in baby’s bottle

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I was browsing Yahoo! Brasil when I came upon this. (Since I wasn’t able to find a suitable translator I will translate the story)

Housewife Thais Helena Ferreira, 29 years old, was arrested last night in Sorocaba (SP) and accused of placing parasite killing poison in the feeding bottle of her own son, a baby only 3 months old. The crime happened in the family house, at the Jardim Tropical neighborhood, east zone of the city. The husband, who gives the baby the bottle prepared by the mother, felt a strange smell and realized that there was something mixed in the milk. He suspended the feeding and questioned the woman, locating in the kitchen a parasiticide bottle. The Military Police was called in and directed the baby to the emergency room of Hospital Modelo. The infant received treatment for detoxification and was medicated. The baby has received greenlight for release today and went home with the father. The woman, detained by the police, was taken to the plant of the Civil Police. She alleged that the baby was born out of an undesired pregnancy. The housewife was instantly charged with homicide attempt. She has been directed to the Female Prison of Votorantim. The baby bottle and the bottle of parasite poison have been submitted for inspection. The verdict will be ready tommorow morning.

This story is quite saddening and I simply shock my head. While human nature is depraved, these set of events have some connection to the culture around us. Children are now seen as curse, not as blessing and motherhood is depicted as unenlightened. Even in the case of an undesired (unplanned?) pregnancy, the second best recourse of action is abandonment and not murder. Many of the comments on the story had these points:

  • “This is a mother? She shouldn’t be called a mother.”
  • “What a wonderful father.”
  • “This tramp deserves prison and should rot there.”
  • “Let’s enforce the death penalty.”
  • “If you didn’t want the baby you should have kept your legs shut.”
  • “Undesired pregnancy? With so many anti-natal methods she cites that? If she didn’t want the pregnancy she should have used the pill and a condom. Plus to be extra sure she could have used the morning after-pill.”
  • “Maybe she was suffering from post-natal depression.”
  • “She’s a psychopath, a menace to society.”
  • “I support sterilization.”
  • “Maybe the baby was a result of adultery and the woman wanted to kill him before the husband found out.”
  • “And here I can’t have any babies of my own. I’ve been trying and no luck.”
  • “Ha! Motherly love is a myth.”
  • “The woman should have drunk the bottle herself.”
  • “I’m shocked.”
  • “The times were are living in.”
  • “What about religious groups that don’t approve of birth control?”
  • “Maybe the woman is innocent.”
  • A couple of comments about abortion and infanticide being normal, practiced in earlier societies or being morally right (can’t remember the comments clearly).

Welcome to the world of post-birth abortions.

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