“Daddies Don’t Do Dishes!”

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Random snippet from the scenes of my life…

We recently had an interesting moment after dinner. Our big girls tackled a project in the yard, and it took them the better part of the day to complete it.

As an aside, our purpose for putting them to work in the yard has many layers. The first was so that they could do some work to earn the money required to purchase some of the things they want. Second, hard work builds character- in young women as much as young men. Lastly, we firmly believe that our girls need to know how to accomplish a variety of tasks around the home- outside as well as in. This means they need to know how to wield a hammer, run a lawnmower, and my husband’s personal favorite, use a miter saw. Not only do they need to be able to do these things for themselves, but also to be good helpers to their husbands one day. What does this have to do with whether or not daddies do dishes? Not a thing. As usual I’ve gotten off topic so let me regain my focus.

At day’s end, our children are responsible for cleaning the kitchen, sweeping, and mopping the floors in our mostly tiled house. However, since they had spent the better part of the day working in the yard, we told them to take a shower and relax while we did the after dinner chores. As I went about sweeping and mopping the floors, my husband began to do the dishes. It didn’t occur to us how rare this was- for my husband to do dishes. Until my three year old questioned and emphatically answered in a grand statement that stopped everyone in their tracks:

“Daddy, what are you doing in there? Daddies don’t do the dishes!!”

Well, obviously daddies do dishes because daddy was doing the dishes. The reality, however, is that I couldn’t remember her daddy doing the dishes even once in her three short years of life- ever. Not because it’s beneath him, or because it’s woman’s work, or any such thing. It has just worked out that way. In fact, it’s been quite a while since I’ve done any dinner dishes myself. However, she has seen me do dishes as I wash the breakfast dishes every morning after the family leaves for school and work. But with three adolescents in our house, there are more than enough hands to do dishes after dinner without my husband or me having to lift a finger. So we don’t. We sit and enjoy each other’s company as the kids clean up the mess.

It occurred to us after Little Princess’ declaration that it wouldn’t hurt for the kids to see Daddy doing dishes every now and then, for even the teenagers admitted that it was something of a surreal experience to be sitting while he washed them. They appreciate that Daddy works hard all day and as such it’s perfectly fine for him to sit after work while we cook dinner, serve it, and do the clean up.

But just so they know that can Daddies do dishes too, we’ll put it on the calendar again, same time next year.

One thing she’ll never catch SAM doing, is laundry. Daddy doesn’t  do laundry. Ever.

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