Menu Plan Monday

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Sunday — (restaurant)

Monday — Roast chicken with oranges, parsely potatoes, and steamed green beans

Tuesday — Ham steak with baked beans and cornbread muffins

Wednesday — Baked pasta with meat sauce

Thursday — Corned beef and cabbage

Friday — Crab cakes on garden salad


Sunday — Hot dogs, baked beans, corn on the cob

Monday — Baked tilapia, roasted new potatoes, green beans

Tuesday — Chicken pot pie, salad

Wednesday — Chicken, sage and spinach penne, Caesar salad

Thursday — Seasoned skirt steak, rice pilaf, glazed baby carrots

Friday — Chef’s salad, ciabatta rolls

Saturday —  (Out for dinner)

St Velvet:

Sunday — Meatballs w/ mushroom sauce, rice, wilted spinach

Monday —  Chicken Kiev, peas, red cabbage slaw w/vinegar dressing

Tuesday —  shredded brisket w/homemade bbq sauce, sweet potato fries, chopped salad

Wednesday —  ham, green beans, corn muffins (trying it with rice flour – we like c/b gritty, so we’ll see how gritty we can handle)

Thursday — patty melts, homemade rye,  crudite w/ranch dip

Friday —  omelets with broccoli and cheese, cottage fries

Saturday — meatza, salad (we sub a lb of ground pork for one lb of the ground beef, and we use fresh mozzarella slices, parm, and a little goat cheese)

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