A Day In the Life of a Blogging Housewife

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Without fail someone comments here at least every few weeks to say that this blog and its upkeep is clear evidence that we are unproductive, lazy housewives getting our kicks online. Wastes of space. We’re not stay at home wives or mothers, we’re stay at home bloggers, is the critique. On a recent  morning I decided to record what I did as the day unfolded. I thought it might be interesting or at least enlightening to those who insist that we should be far too busy to have time to pen our thoughts on life and faith online.

  • 5:00AM- Alarm clock rings. Hit the snooze button to catch an extra few minutes
  • 5:15AM-  Rise and shine, off to the bathroom to brush teeth and change into workout gear
  • 5:30AM- Throw a load of clothes in the wash, sit down with Bible and journal to read and pray
  • 6:00AM- Half hour on the elliptical machine
  • 6:30AM- Husband’s up. Make bed. Get out morning list* of things to do before 10AM. We pray with two high schoolers before they leave at 6:40. Today another mom is doing the driving. Next week is my turn.
  • 6:40AM- Check blog; maybe leave a few comments on the overnight discussion.
  • 6:50 AM- Shower and dress in clothes prepared the night before
  • 7:15AM- Lay out husbands clothes and start breakfast.
  • 7:30AM- Little ones get up needing greetings and attention.
  • 8:00AM- Breakfast is served, I eat on the fly and then begin pulling out prepared lessons
  • 8:30AM- Husband prepares to leave, we pray as a family for the safe return of everyone who is leaving or has left
  • 8:40AM- Turn on PBS Kids, unload dishwasher, reload dishwasher, clean counters, get kids clothes ready
  • 9:30AM- Kids go in backyard to play, I fold load of laundry, sweep floors, organize pantry before shopping, take a peek at the blog, maybe leave a flyby comment.
  • 10:00AM- Lessons: Reading, math games, start dough for bread with the kids.
  • 11:00AM- Kids play, pay bills and review budget, finalize grocery list
  • 12 NOON-  Lunch, then kids nap and/or play quietly. I write posts, read Google subscriptions, comment a bit
  • 1:30 PM- Leave to take oldest (Bright Eyes) to community college to take care of graduation business, drop her at the high school for club meeting, pick up Slimgirl and Smiley (daughters 2 and 3)  from high school, drop them at the community college testing center. Go to two stores and buy groceries. Pick up D2 and D3 from the testing center, go home and we all put groceries away. Lil’ Princess and Sweetie Pie growing restless in the back seat.
  • 3:00PM- Have a cup of tea and relax for half hour, dozing between listening to kids tell me the highlights of their day. Little ones in the back yard making mud pies.
  • 3:30PM- Try to read some more of Randy Alcorn book, too much noise and distraction in the house.
  • 4:00PM- Husband calls, needs some paperwork updated on the computer in preparation for doing his expense reports later tonight. Little ones track mud through the house. Thankfully it’s D3’s week to keep floors mopped.
  • 5:00PM- Finish the homemade burger buns for the mushroom Swiss burgers for dinner. Kids cut the potatoes for the fries and the veggies for the burgers.
  • 6:00PM- Serve Dinner

I stopped recording at that point, but there was still much left to do. I do another half hour strength training workout in the evenings after dinner. Now that daylight saving time has kicked in, there is often a trip to the park with the kids, a bike ride, or a walk around the neighborhood. I also prefer to water our vegetable garden in the early evenings. I iron and prepare my and my husband’s clothes for the next morning. Read to the kids, put them to bed, tend to whatever my husband needs of me. It’s pretty slow going after dinner because my older kids do most of the cleanup, but it’s still busy enough.

I do spend a fair amount of time writing for and helping to maintaining this blog. I have never viewed it any differently than people who watch television with their down time, or the significant numbers of people who leave comments here or elsewhere while at work. I imagine they are more productive since they are stealing time as opposed to just wasting it. This is America after all, and only what get paid for has value here.  So yes, I blog during the day, but my husband knows exactly what I’m doing and that it’s not costing our household any of the things it needs.

No one works every minute of every waking hour of the day. That’s unrealistic. The only question is one of what each of us chooses to do with the down time. Leisure is as much a valid part of life as work so long as it’s kept in its proper place.

The life of a modern housewife is physically  much easier and often allows more leisure than it did for our foremothers. They simply didn’t have many of the conveniences we enjoy today. However, what today’s homemaking lacks in physical rigor it more than makes up for in stress and isolation. As Alte penned quite eloquently here once before, comparing today’s wives and mothers with those of yesteryear is an apples to dishwashers comparison.

Nevertheless, in response to those who drive by with what they believe to be witty insults, I thought I’d give a glimpse of a day in the life of a blogging housewife. Save the silly comments, especially if you leave little novellas all over the blogosphere at all times of the day and night. It’s hypocritical. What are you leaving undone?

That is all. Thank you for enduring my rant on behalf of blogging housewives who manage to do both and do it well.

* My lists are  basic things that even the most laid back homemakers tend to cover without a list, though I have been surprised at the number of people I’ve encountered who see no reason to make the bed.  I stay on track and focus much better when I have a list that I can check off as I go about my day. It keeps me from getting bogged down on one task too long at the expense of another or moving from one thing to the next and ending the day feeling as if I haven’t fully completed one job well.

I also have a list of weekly household chores that I need to remember to do, provided my hands aren’t chained to the steering wheel of my SUV.  In those cases, we do the work early Saturday mornings before we head out to do something fun.

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