New job data

Posted on May 4, 2012 by

The unemployment rate continues to sink, as people give up looking for work or never even bother trying. Looks good for Obama’s reelection, and for the sale of precious metals such as lead.

Charts from Zerohedge:

But don’t you worry, plenty of part-time work to be had:

And the update from Calculated Risk:

I see green shoots. Clearly, this will be another Recovery Summer.

More and more people out of work? That means more riots. Which means more broken windows. Which means more people being hired to fix the broken windows. There’s no where to go from here but up. Bullish.

But for right now, I’m saving up for later. We’ll know the time is right to reinvest in the stock market when we see children digging for their next meal in trash cans, which is scheduled to begin right after the BofA downgrade.