These Are Rich People Problems

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I’ve been reading along as the child support battle between ex-supermodel Linda Evangelista and French billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault has unfolded in the headlines. I have long ago concluded that the government and society in general has vastly inflated the amount of money it takes to raise a child. This inflation has resulted in child-support orders that have left many men with barely enough to make ends meet, and others have faced jail time which has resulted in difficulty gaining employment to pay the child support that landed them in custody in the first place.

Of course, that’s just the poor and middle class folk.When there are millions of dollars at stake, the narrative is vastly different. It is no longer, “How much is required to raise the child?” but, “What is required for the child to enjoy the same standard of living as its father?” My answer to that is quite simple: The child can enjoy the same standard of living as the father if the father is granted custody. Politically incorrect, I know, but there you have it.

This case is further complicated by the fact that Pinault does not want, and has never wanted, anything to do with his child born to Evangelista out of wedlock. As such, there is no custody change on the table to simplify the expensive perks the supermodel needs to provide for her child:

Evangelista insists that she needs the money for around-the-clock care for Augie as well as a driver and armed bodyguards for her son. She’s also asking for Augie to be cared for as lavishly as Pinault treats Valentina, his daughter with his wife, actress Salma Hayek.  Pinault has a $13 million California mansion in a trust for Valentina and, according to the New York Post, Evangelista is asking for at least a country home for Augie.

Clearly these are problems that those of modest means and relative anonymity don’t have to consider. Since when is around the clock nanny care a necessity?  I have to agree with the divorce attorney quoted in this piece. Salma Hayek is a wife. Evangelista was a fling, and as such isn’t entitled to be awarded to what really amounts to alimony:

Divorce lawyer Raoul Felder told that he believes Evangelista’s requests are unlikely to be fulfilled.

“It’s the triumph of illusion over reality,” he said. “That’s all this is, a fairy tale.”

“If she were married to him, that’s a whole other story,” he added.

Indeed. But what do we expect when we’ve watered down marriage to mean almost nothing special, easy come, easy go?

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