Why women date thugs

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(This is based upon a thread from Oz Conservative.)

A lot of men are confused. Why is it that women seek out dangerous men (brutes)? It seems rather stupid and short-sighted, especially when there are so many Nice Guys for them to date who won’t cheat on them, smack them around, fail to provide for them, etc. As a woman with an unabashed preference for naughty over nice, who still managed to marry well, I think I’m qualified to answer this question.

The reason for the confusion is the fact that you’re reverse-engineering. You’re seeing men act like brutes and assume that women are insanely attracted to brutes. In truth, women are attracted to thugs, and some of them are bad mates. (The thug was a brute, you see.)

So let’s examine these thugs for their positive traits, to understand why women find such men so attractive.

  • Not all thugs are made the same. The first rule of thugdom is that: All thugs are equally hot, but some are more hot than others. It’s true. Thugs are all sexy because they are threatening, even if we don’t consciously notice being aroused. Some are downright scary, so we avoid them if we’re sane. Others are only mildly intimidating, so they have potential mate possibilities. The Ideal Potential Mate is one who keeps us on our toes, but doesn’t seem mentally unstable, unreasonable, or unable to control himself.
  • Thugs aren’t wimps. The worst thing any woman can do is sleep with a wimp. It’s worse than sleeping with a jerk, a loser, or a weirdo. A wimp will sell you out in a heartbeat because he’s a coward, so he’s a complete waste of your time and may even bring you into more danger than you would have on your own. A thug isn’t a wimp, by very definition. So the second rule of thugdom is that: A thug protects his woman. and he doesn’t abandon her.
  • Thugs aren’t mean. As in, they rarely exhibit petty or treacherous behavior. If you catch them exhibiting such behavior and point it out, they will concede the point. That’s right. I know it’s hard to believe, but the third rule of thugdom is that: A thug will admit when he's broken his own honor code. They won’t let you hold them to your honor code, cause they’re not going to let a female boss them around and they’re stubborn as mules, but if you figure out theirs you’ll see that they’re completely accountable to it because of their innate sense of honor (the basis of all morality).Thugs who won’t concede a valid point have lower value than those who do because they’re displaying a preoccupation with “saving face”, which implies that their status is shaky and not solid enough to take a minor blow. That sort of emotional cowardice is called “fronting”, as in “having a false front”.
  • Thugs want faithfulness. Thugs sometimes have followers, but few true friends, so they value female loyalty and will overlook your minor foibles to admire your fidelity. They want to have at least one person in the world they can trust, and the woman they sleep with is often that one. The fourth rule of thugdom is that: A thug expects you to be only his. Never, ever cheat on a thug. They don’t have a sense of humor about that sort of thing. If anything, thugs have a more intense relationship with their woman, will watch over her more avidly (which gets them labeled “controlling”), and will be even more enraged if they have been betrayed.
  • Thugs are their own man. They’re going somewhere. They’re active. They’re moving. They’re working on a project, dreaming big, planning a change, making a trip, thinking up some new rule for you to follow… something. They have their own opinions, they make their own decisions. They’re not inclined to apathetic behavior, and women find that very attractive. The fifth rule of thugdom is that: Thugs know their own minds and have their own lives. If he’s going somewhere, will he take you along for a ride?
  • Thugs are predictable. Women like it when they know what to expect. They want to be surprised with dinner out, not by a man’s lack of principles or wild behavior. Even when thugs are wicked, they are completely reliable about it, so at least women know what reaction they will get from him. That’s why the sixth rule of thugdom is: A thug let's you stick with the devil you know. He’s the original known-unknown, which is obviously better than an unknown-unknown.
  • Thugs are virile. Thuggish appearance and behavior is a virility and health indicator, and the way they make love provides more concrete evidence of that. Not going to go into more details, as I’m trying to keep this article child-safe, but I’m sure you get the general impression. The seventh rule of thugdome is: A thug will make you pregnant. Since women love babies, they’ll focus on men who seem to hold the most promise of blessing them with one.
  • Thugs are honest. They don’t obfuscate or speak with euphemisms, although they might simply decline to speak, rather than pretend to be nice in order to protect someone’s feelings. A thug will tell you everything straight-up, which can be jarring but refreshing. If he thinks you’re fat and that you don’t have a good excuse for the extra weight, he’ll tell you to lose the weight. If he thinks your haircut is ugly, he’ll say, “Your haircut is ugly.” No kidding. The eighth rule of thugdom is: A thug is a straight-talker. You don’t always have to read his mind. The problem can arise if he says contradictory things, but it’s still a big improvement over men who won’t speak plainly.

Now, hold up. Wait a minute. Why do you call these guys “thugs”, Alte? They don’t sound all that bad. They actually sound pretty great.

Well, I call them “thugs” because everyone else calls them “thugs” (or “assholes”, “jerks”, etc.) He could be clean-cut, well-dressed, highly-educated, religiously devout, and people will still say, “He’s such a thug.”

Although these men are just exhibiting behavior that used to be considered “normal” in human males, our effeminate and man-hating society has turned things on their head, and now considers such men undesirable or even criminal and oppressive. Even thugs will deride other men as “thugs”, as it’s considered the second-worst put-down after “creep”. Women themselves haven’t evolved to catch up with the feminist rhetoric though, and they still flock to such men and are more willing to risk ending up with a brute rather than your AFC.

What’s not to like? Thug lovin, baby.

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