Because it’s not his fault

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God placed men at the head of their homes and granted them the right to private property in order for them to provide for themselves and their families. In Rerum Novarum, Pope Leo XIII wrote:

That right to property, therefore, which has been proved to belong naturally to individual persons, must in like wise belong to a man in his capacity of head of a family; nay, that right is all the stronger in proportion as the human person receives a wider extension in the family group. It is a most sacred law of nature that a father should provide food and all necessaries for those whom he has begotten; and, similarly, it is natural that he should wish that his children, who carry on, so to speak, and continue his personality, should be by him provided with all that is needful to enable them to keep themselves decently from want and misery amid the uncertainties of this mortal life. Now, in no other way can a father effect this except by the ownership of productive property, which he can transmit to his children by inheritance.

So we know that men have a right, as the heads of their household and providers for the Church, to keep the fruits of their labors. I.e. a portion of the surplus created by their productive labor.

The New Testament tells us:

But if anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for members of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.

— 1 Timothy 5:8

but what does that help the well-meaning and struggling husband who fails to provide through no fault of his own? Who works himself to exhaustion, just to watch his wealth drain away through inflation, ZIRP, onerous taxation, and massive wealth shifting? Who struggles to deal with the wealth-draining effects of women’s frivolous employment and the unfair competition those same women pose through the income-undercutting welfare they receive? Who runs and runs and runs… but gets nowhere fast?

Are we to heap blame upon them, chastise them for their failure? Whine, bitch, shame, and complain at them? No, that would be an injustice. We should first try to help them the best that we can, and then we should whine, bitch, shame, and complain… at those who stand in their way.

A simple sentence on a recent The Thinking Housewife post brought tears to my eyes.

We have already made most every possible sacrifice in our lifestyle… and yet he still feels inadequate in his ability to be the sole breadwinner for us, and it makes my heart hurt, because it is not his fault that he finds himself in this position.

Such a simple thing, but it speaks so eloquently of the modern plight of the traditional man. Who speaks for our husbands and brothers in the public sphere? Who fights for the economic policies that allow the market to pay a living wage for male providers? It can’t be them, as they’re too busy and overworked. So, it’ll have to be us.

Ladies, gird yourselves. It’s time to intercede on our men’s behalf. It is time that we make it clear that we won’t put up with this anymore. That the business of government is not to hand out “free” prophylactics, but to ensure sound money and efficient governance.

November 2012.