Equal-Opportunity Reproduction

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One way in which feminism has undermined family formation is by blurring the old divisions between male and female. By bequeathing to women what was once the exclusive domain of men…wealth, status, power, security…goods that women used to have to marry to acquire, women suddenly found that the old Grand Bargain no longer held. They no longer had reason to bargain: Why put up with a man when you can get nearly everything you want or need–including children, money, a nice nest–without having to tolerate one of those clumsy smelly beasts around?

Thus did feminism divorce the old biological urge to merge from the equally old social imperative to cleave. The urge remains, but outside religion, there is increasingly less reason to cleave in lifelong monogamy. Feminism enabled women’s hopping to and fro from one genital moment to the other, safe in their security, in search of Mr. Big. Or at least Mr. Bigger Better Deal. You have indeed come a long way, baby.

Now along comes technology to finish the job that feminism started (why do I feel like I’m channelling fellow manosphere blogger PMAFT right about now?). Only this time, where feminism made the Grand Bargain irrelevant to women and, to a lesser extent, less relevant to men, technology is increasingly, economically, granting to men what was once the exclusive purview of the female: Reproduction. The Grand Bargain just became completely anachronistic in these modern, libertine times. To wit:

The first human egg cells that have been grown entirely in the laboratory from stem cells could be fertilized later this year in a development that will revolutionise fertility treatment…[s]cientists are about to request a license from the UK fertility watchdog to fertilize the eggs as part of a series of tests to generate an unlimited supply of human eggs.

Researchers at Edinburgh University are working with a team from Harvard Medical School in Boston to be the first in the world to produce mature human eggs from stem cells isolated from human ovarian tissue. Until now, it has only been possible to isolate a relatively small number of mature human egg cells directly from the ovaries of women who have been stimulated with hormones. This technical limitation has led to an acute shortage of human eggs, or “oocycts”, for IVF treatment as well as scientific research. The scientists want to fertilize the laboratory-grown egg cells with human sperm to prove that they are viable. Any resulting embryos will be studied for up to 14 days – the legal limit – to see if they are normal. These early embryos will not be transplanted into a woman’s womb because they will be deemed experimental material, but will either be frozen or allowed to perish.

Generating an unlimited supply of human eggs and the prospect of reversing the menopause was made possible by a series of breakthroughs led by Professor Jonathan Tilly of Harvard.

Sex is cheap because low women are plentiful in the post-feminist social ecology. Ditto for sperm…plentiful supply makes for low cost. And increasingly it appears that human ova, once the most expensive part of the IVF process (I once read that a healthy college-age blonde-haired blue-eyed white woman’s egg would run upwards of 50 grand; it seems center of mass is around $10K for those who are not quite so picky), will soon go the same way. Leaving only uteri as the only real expense for those men inclined to want children, but who are wary of the risks that Marriage 2.0 entails. Thus, a man’s striking the Grand Bargain becomes either an exercise in piety or foolhardy risk-taking. In view of the alternatives, for the irreligious, why should men assume that risk, when that same guy can procure an egg for cheap, fertilize it with his own seed–cheap by definition–and procure nine months of gestation for half the cost of the average wedding?

With this in mind, the following calculus suggests itself:

wedding: $$
divorce: $$…”how much ya got?”
20 years fractional servitude: $$$$$


uterus: $

= Yikes.

Once again, in the present climate, we see amoral science serving to wedge men and women apart rather than bring them together. I bemoan our arrival at this juncture, while recognizing that it is merely the scales between the sexes rebalancing once again.  Likewise, while I am not pronouncing marriage dead…it will live on, particularly in the upper classes…I do see some chalimony-shy men who wish to be a father (yet skittish of being taken to the cleaners) opting for woman-not-included reproduction. For less than the cost of the average wedding–or for that matter, divorce–and for far less than two decades of your hard-earned private property confiscated by the State to benefit a woman who hates you with the utmost intensity, a fellow can truly MGTOW. And humanity as a whole will be the worse for it, so long as the culture and technology combine to be disintegrative rather than unitive.

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