Menu Plan Monday

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Sunday –  Chicken Brunswick stew
Monday –  Cheesy black bean quesadillas, corn tortilla chips, salad
Tuesday – Spicy sausage and potato bake, cucumber salad
Wednesday – Baked chicken, green salad, Parker house rolls
Thursday – Chicken and Rice casserole, steamed cabbage
Friday – Traveling


Sunday –  Green salad (from garden), English muffin bread, leftover roasted lamb
Monday – Smothered chuck roast, English muffin bread, kohlrabi salad (from garden)
Tuesday – Paella with chicken, shrimp, and mussels
Wednesday – Eggplant curry, naan with arugula and Parmesan, cucumber-tomato raita, homemade mango chutney
Thursday – Ham steaks, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, corn on the cob
Friday – Lentil stew

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