Homeschool Dayz

Posted on May 22, 2012 by

Since this blog is essentially a propaganda-machine, I figured it was time for some more homeschool propaganda. Here’s another edition of:

 A day in the life of this homeschooling mom

Right now, we’ve got lessons broken down into five parts:

  1. Phonics (First McGuffey Reader) and history read-aloud (currently, a book about ancient Rome)
  2. Math (today it was number-line addition, place-value, and fractions with strawberries and colored water) and logic puzzle
  3. Handwriting (italic cursive), prayer-memorization (the Hail Mary),  German phonics
  4. Math oral drill (Ray’s Arithmetic), phonics flash cards,  and literature read-aloud (The Jungle Book)
  5. Music lesson (recorder practice), typing
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