We’re Not Sexist

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Over in this part of the ‘net *we’re dubbed “The Sexists.”

As “The Sexists,” we talk about counter-cultural topics such as the encouragement of homemaking, young marriage for women, respecting and expecting male dominance, the denigration of fatherhood in our society, just to list a few. The discussion of these topics don’t make us “The Sexists,” but our alignment with patriarchy does.

As pro-patriarchs, we eschew feminism while extolling the virtues of male leadership and dominance. We understand patriarchy is about the leadership of society by family men, who have everyone’s best interests in mind. This means these family men have women who are going to provide support for their husbands, tend to their families, and are involved in their communities and churches. Oh, how sexist, to force these poor women into subservient roles of nurturing their families and stepping aside to have their husbands be the head of their houses. Never mind the fact women are more nurturing than men, have skills making them more equipped to manage the home, and do benefit from guidance. Let’s not get started on how men have a more competitive nature and naturally fall into hierarchy when a situation calls for leadership. We wouldn’t want to “go there,” would we?

“But these are generalizations!” The nay-sayers decry. Too bad those who can’t generalize are useful idiots.

When it comes down to it, we’re called sexist because we think it’s reasonable and logical for men and women to embrace the things which make them men and women. When we say women are to be submissive in marriage and are receptacles for life, it scares people. When we say men are the dominant spouses who lead their wives, it freaks the hell out of people. Then hamsters start burning rubber, and quite frankly it’s not necessary.

In reality, we’re not sexist at all. We’re realistic about the true nature, qualities and behaviors of men and women and there is nothing wrong with such an acknowledgement.

Oh my, I can hear the nay-sayers now…

“Not everyone is like that!”

Translation: Variations on the NAWALT meme.

“Everyone has traits of feminine and masculine in them!”

Translation: Time to get spayed and neutered folks!

“Patriarchy is oppressive to women.”

Translation: I don’t think the State oppresses men!

“You ARE sexist! You’re putting women and men into a box!”

Translation: My hamster burned through the wheel and I can’t find it…

Let’s look at the flip side of this issue. If we are sexist because we are pro-patriarchy, acknowledge sex differences, and support gender roles, what does this mean for the people who:

-Expect men to think and act like women in marriage and relationships?
-Claim only genitalia make men and women different, thereby ignoring brain physiology?
-Ignore what Scripture says about gender roles and marriage, yet call themselves Christians?
-Espouse views leading to the degradation of maleness and femaleness?
-Decry any group, club, or organization for the socialization and comradeship of men only, yet expect women to have those same privileges without any trouble?
-Consider homemaking “beneath” them and slavery, but gladly sign up for pseudo-prostitution roles such as the “booty call”?
-Only point out the negative behaviors and traits of men, while acting as if women were always innocent?
-Get angry when female appearance is a mate-selection factor, but expect men to financially provide during dates?
-Believe in an inherent female superiority and entitlement?
-Promote single motherhood while demonizing fatherhood and the mother-father family?

In the end, the pro-patriarchists aren’t the sexists. It’s the Christo-feminists, the androgynites, and the egalitarians who are sexist. They deny what makes us male and female, and trod on the natural order of humanity. To deny how we were created is the true form of oppression and sexism.

*”We” is used in the sense to describe the general patriarchal/orthospheric perspective.

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