Eva Longoria said it so it must be true.

Posted on May 30, 2012 by

{ I get paid to lie down on the job.  Smart, right?}

Once again, the entertainment obsessed population of the US wants something – or more accurately, many things – that cannot reasonably be had, seeing as how having them breaks laws and breaks the bank.   Parts of this list have been packaged under the heading of “Latino issues” and are being peddled by the Obama campaign, courtesy of B-list beauty Eva “Desperate Housewives” Longoria who is serving as an Obama “re-election co-chair”.

Coupling her conveniently Hispanic last name with her scholarly grasp of the historical and political landscapes, Longoria has reportedly been “brainstorming” (yikes!) with the President over the pressing issues of the day, like immigration reform and the DREAM Act.  Thanks to her real life, in-touch,  middle class Texan impoverished immigrant experiences as French Fry Princess of Corpus Christi and her stint on that oppressive plantation of prime time television stardom, Longoria brings her message home with – wait for it – immaculate grooming and dazzling white teeth!


This wasn’t so much designed to denigrate Ms. Longoria, in particular, she’s just doing what celebrities have been trained to do, and Texas has a long proud history of elevating french-fry ladies in waiting to Hollywood Royalty

{hey, y’all, I’m getting an honorary doctorate from Burger College!}

….but rather the broken collective IQ –  broken because it’s more than merely “low”  – of the American public.  In order to accommodate the lowest common denominator,  we apparently have narrowed our credibility check list to two items, and it’s either/or, lest we be accused of undue rigor or credentialism: 1) an advanced degree in (fill in the blank with an irrelevant agenda driven political platform no one but you cares about) Studies,  or 2) a winning hand at the Celebrity table.

Who ARE these people? At what point did we declare that famous and competent were synonymous?

{lol, u mad?  We ARE the world!}

It’s a good thing for celebrities and regular folks alike to be invested in a cause, and it comes as no surprise to anyone that a good looking person is (usually) preferable to a homely person in the branding of a product – the appearance of health and fertility is a signal that knows no situational boundaries.  Politics or potato chips, beauty sells.  Beauty is actually a reasonable credential, to an extent.  The trouble comes with assigning credibility according to celebrity.  One need not have any working knowledge of a given subject or even a marginal grasp on the facts, only a following of any sort, in order to be deemed worthy of political advisory status.  That’s disturbing, since the President, along with a good bit of his constituency, appear to take them seriously.