Saturday night dance party, Sound of thunder edition

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A childhood friend of mine, one of my first male protectors, died recently.  He was a good man, never once put his cloak in the mud for me, his standards were higher than that – he didn’t accommodate puddles, instead he stood on the other side and encouraged me to hike up my skirt and jump over.  He taught me that it’s okay to get dirty.  He was a friend in the true C.S. Lewis meaning of the word, always looking forward, sort of dragging me by the hand towards destiny, whining not welcomed.  I am indebted, and I know now what people mean when they say they can’t wait to get to heaven to see those they loved, whole and restored.  Our family of friends is experiencing the cacophony of sudden loss, the loud clanging in the ears that reminds us of how short this life is, and how urgently important our reconciliation with the eternal must be.  Pray hard, people.

A couple songs…

I hear this Tom Paxton tune almost as a hymn, is that weird? Like the apostles lamenting the loss of their friend Jesus to the cross and then to the Heavens – it’s so hard to understand some blessings….thanks, Doc, go with God.

One in memory of my friend, the only person I knew who wrote to me (yes, on paper, us old people did such things) during my NYC expatriation:

And one for the inevitable sentimentality of middle age – autumn closing in…

Bring your own music, it’s a party!

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