Are American Women Over-medicated?

Posted on June 6, 2012 by

Yeah, duh..why wouldn’t the modern woman be medicating themselves with a cocktail of SSRI’s, barbiturates, opiates and a vodka chaser?  Have you seen what passes for modern life?  The drugs are what’s keeping them off the bridge.

Let’s look at some reasons why 25% of American women might be poppin pills.

-Thwarted fertility
-Lack of meaningful work
-Crappy relationships

Let’s start with thwarted fertility.  They have their 1.3 kids and then promptly tie up their tubes so they can be unencumbered to do “real” work…i.e. their “careers”.  Only they have to dodge the slightest whif of the natural results of a fertile relationship lest their biological clock start ringing too loudly in their ears.

We have come such a long way (baby) that we can now slowly kill ourselves and call it liberation.  Instead of being forced by “The Man” (as women have been indoctrinated to believe) to make decent meals for themselves and their families, the modern woman can “bring home the bacon” on a double whopper.  They exhaust their thyroid and become carb-addicts with chronic fatigue and thunder thighs.

They are too tired for sex, not that they would really want to have sex with the emasculated wimpy husband who never tells them “no” and would rather die a slow death than make a decision.  Their relationship bores them to tears but it is so equalitarian and modernly sensible that they dare not rock the boat.  Oh, if only she had a guy she could complain about the way some of her friends do.  Why he gotta be so darn well behaved?

Then there is the 80hrs the modern woman spends outside the home making some other person rich, exhausting herself to the point that she has no energy for the “second shift” that awaits her.  In Agrarian societies women worked their butts-off (literally) to make their husbands rich, finding the role of “helpmeet” rather fulfilling when that wealth trickled down.  Is that why so many secretaries sleep with their bosses?  Perhaps there is some instinct to mate with the person giving you money.

Last but not least there is the spiritual void that the zeitgeist fails to fulfill.   A lot of women claim to have faith but in order to have a spiritually enriched life one must practice spiritual discipline.  Frequent prayer, church attendance, Bible study, fasting, etc.  The modern woman laments that she can’t even find time to walk on a treadmill for 30 minutes let alone nourish a spiritual life.

Are American women over-medicated?  With a lifestyle that contradicts the natural order it is no wonder that stress levels reach their peak and medication seems like the only way to properly function in life.   Perhaps medication isn’t the only way, but it does appear to be the most culturally-accepted way to deal with stress.