Menu Plan Monday

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Sunday                 Citrus Salmon, Caesar Salad, French bread, Alte’s biscuit cake

Monday               Cheese enchiladas with chili con carne

Tuesday               King Ranch Chicken Casserole*, steamed asparagus

Wednesday        Cubed steak, mashed potatoes, green beans

Thursday             Baked Chicken with mushrooms and rosemary, green salad

Friday                    Cuban Sandwiches, sweet potato fries

Saturday              Spinach mushroom pizza, meat pizza, salad

* denotes new untested recipe


Sunday — Steaks, German potato salad, tomato and bell pepper salad, green salad, corn on the cob, melon wrapped in prosciutto, hot dogs, pork ribs, watermelon, strawberry tart

Monday — leftovers

Tuesday — Shrimp and avocado salad, dirty rice

Wednesday — Beef stew and cornbread

Thursday — Ham steaks with baked beans and broccoli

Friday — Pickled fish, cucumber pickles, bread and butter

Saturday — Sage lamb roast, mashed potatoes with gravy, green beans



Monday: Macaroni and cheese, salad

Tuesday: Tuna casserole, salad

Wednesday: Hot dogs and cole slaw

Thursday: pork chops, beans, rice, salad

Friday: Shrimp scampi, salad

Saturday: roasted chicken, carrots, rolls.


Monday: Chicken cordon with cream cheese and bacon, salad

Tuesday: Off

Wednesday: Homemade pasta with homemade alfredo sauce, salad

Thursday: Curried chicken, rice, salad

Friday: Off

Saturday: Curried chicken, rice, roti

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