Peak Feminism

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In this corner of the blogosphere, the demographic inevitability of feminist (and other liberal) decline has been repeatedly opined upon. We all realize it. Even many liberals who can do math realize it. It’s not actually that interesting, seeing as how it’ll take years and years to show any results.

I want to talk about something more immediate. I want to talk about how feminism is losing the war of ideas among the general populace, from a purely rhetorical viewpoint. There have been changes to the debate that don’t actually encompass the points being debated, but which reflect a turn in the tide of public opinion.

  1. Their opponents can’t be shut up as easily. It used to be that feminists had nearly-universal control of the media, education, and public life, but subversive communications through the internet, church groups, and homeschooling communities has put paid to that business model. Now their arguments have to win on merit, which gives a clear advantage to complementarians.
  2. Men are finally starting to speak up. Men generally won’t disagree with a woman in public, out of fear of her inevitable emotional display, but it seems that men have finally had enough. Some of them have gotten so inured to the emo terror that they’ve decided to just speak their minds regardless, and the internet offers them the opportunity to do so without having to face the Reign of Tears in person. This is a welcome change.
  3. Feminism isn’t really about women anymore. It’s about men and children. Specifically, it serves to promote gay men and murder children. It’s very hard to spin that fact in a positive direction. Since most normal women are completely heterosexual and don’t actually like killing babies, they’re starting to wonder what the feminists have to offer them.
  4. Muslims have shown us how it’s done.I hate to admit it, but the attitude devout Muslims have toward feminists is pretty exemplary. Complete and total honesty about the reality of your beliefs, their consequences and their benefits, and then steel yourself for the screeching.  No compromise, no comforting, and no vague backsliding. Just calmly wait them out until it’s time to overrun them.

    As one Muslim woman put it, when confronted with,  “You can’t judge me!” by a feminist whose dress she’d criticized,  “Yes, I can. I am judging you.” Complementarians increasingly know how to keep feminists from reframing the argument and using hysterics to tilt the debate in their direction.

  5. Feminists can’t take a joke. Feminists used to be pretty plucky, but now that they are the power, rather than fighting it, they are overly concerned with their dignity. This makes them seem like a bunch of uptight snobs, which doesn’t make them particularly likable and opens them up to ridicule. Everyone likes to laugh at prissy feminists now, which increases disassociation.
  6. Feminists are boring. At the same time that they’re powerful, they’re uninteresting. Feminism no longer offers women a chance to “fulfill themselves”, as women increasingly realize that acting like a man will make you less important to men. Instead of being a woman, with all of the male interest that creates, you just end up a rather crappy imitation of a man, without even a sense of humor.
  7. Feminists aren’t sexy anymore.They used to be edgy and hot, but now everybody is edgy and hot, so they just come off as mundane. Crude and promiscuous isn’t actually that attractive, and sounding used-up and worn-out isn’t much of a mating call. Men are attracted to sexual novelty, and there’s just not anything novel about being a gross slut anymore. Too much competition.

    That’s why the “slut marches” were so roundly ridiculed. It’s not the general concept of adopting an insult and then marching in pride against the unjustified attack that didn’t work. It’s adopting a word that is just an accurate description of your habits that didn’t work. It’s supposed to be ironic.

  8. Young women respond to incentives. As younger women realize that the more rabid feminists are women that decent men won’t touch with a ten-foot pole in the dark, they adjust their own behavior to separate themselves. Every girl wants to be the woman who is adored, cared for, championed, protected, cherished, and desired, and feminists aren’t going to help them be that woman.
  9. Feminists are getting dumber.It’s true. Feminism has always been wrong, and complementarianism has always been right, but whether something is right or wrong doesn’t actually have much impact upon whether or not it will be popular. That hinges more upon how good the rhetoric is; how persuasive the arguments are. Feminism’s speakers are losing their skillz.

    Other than a few egalitarians, who can still write in quality prose and form a clear argument, most of them sound like idiotic, narcissistic, immature, harpies. You could replace their essays with “ME ME ME ME ME” and there would be little discernible difference. I’ve frequently read articles written by prominent feminists and been astounded at the poor quality of the writing.

  10. Life sucks for more and more people. The “You’ve come a long way baby!” call isn’t very enticing to someone living in a trailer park. Feminists don’t seem to realize that most people aren’t upper-middle class, so they have trouble forming arguments that are persuasive for the struggling working class without sounding patronizing. Women today are less concerned with avoiding the drudgery of housework, and more concerned about feeding their families.

    Even when feminists address the latter point, they do so with the assumption that women don’t care about men’s jobs if they’re not married. But even unmarried women usually live in a house with their mate or a male relative (cohabitation is actually rising, not falling), and depend upon his income to make the rent and buy shoes for her children. Offering more foodstamps to someone who wants to know why her boyfriend or oldest son can’t get a job just adds insult to injury. That wasn’t the solution she was looking for, as you’re not even addressing the actual problem she has.

  11. The spectrum has expanded. Thanks to the Duggars and the rest of the Quiverfull/Patriarchy movement, the political spectrum has expanded to the right. This leaves run-of-the-mill orthodox/traditional Christians like us looking more “normal”, in the same way that Malcom X made MLKJ look moderate.

Feminists used to sound dangerous, clever, and brave, but the intellectual firepower has clearly left the building and evacuated to the complementarian side.

That’s alright. Come on over. We have homemade cupcakes.

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