Submission for Adults

Posted on September 10, 2012 by

The Christian God is a God of order.  One only has to read the Old Testament to understand that a God who determined the order of march for the Israelites across the desert, this God cares about things done fitly and well.

All Christians are equal before God – but all Christians do not bear the same responsibilities.   The Bible is extremely clear that obedience to authority is part of God’s plan.

If you are a Christian, you have chosen to submit to Christ.  “If you love Me, obey My commandments”.     All Christians are subject to authority.    We are required to submit to our government, to our employers, and of course to Scripture.

In order to submit yourself to anything or anyone, first you must have control over yourself.   You must acknowledge that your submission is a choice.  You must also acknowledge that you have, in fact, already made that choice and that commitment, if you are a Christian.   Being that we are all fallen humans, we will sometimes fail in our attempts to submit, but that’s not relevant – what is relevant is that it is our aim.   In submission to proper authority, we are honoring our Lord and bringing glory to His Name.

Those of us who are female and choose to marry have chosen to obey our husbands.  Some of us (very few) actually used the old vows of love, honor, and obey – but all of us who are Christian wives are subject to Christ, who has commanded us to submit to our husbands.

You needn’t supplicate yourself at your husband’s feet, you must simply obey him, as the Church obeys Christ.  Your marriage is meant to be a place where you act out the relationship between Christ and the church.    Do you seek your husband’s best?  Are you trying to make his name more respectable?  Are you striving to work to achieve the goals he’s set for your family?

Why would you wish to grovel?  Do you not wish to give your very best to your husband?  Does he not wish the most intelligent, beautiful, gracious, accomplished wife that he might have?    When you submit to his authority, when you obey him, why not give him your best?  Submit as if you were submitting to Christ Himself!  Do so with honor.   And do so with the understanding that this submission is your way of honoring not only your husband, but your God.  You were created as you are – and you were created as a helpmeet for your husband.  Giving less than your best is not honoring the gift of submission.

Submission is a command – but all obedience is a choice.   As a Christian wife, this is the choice you have made.

You don’t have to wait until you feel submissive, you don’t have to try to manipulate your husband into being someone he is not, you don’t have to squish yourself down into something *you* are not.   You act like an adult who is under authority.  You bring your concerns to your husband, you are honest, you are forthright –and then you allow his will to set the tone for your actions.   Why?  Because Jesus said so.

You obey, in short, because you wish to please your Creator, your Master, and your King.