Let Her Ask Her Husband: First In A Series

Posted on September 17, 2012 by

The Internet is a marvelous development full of possibility and wonder. Through it we can shop, educate, inform, encourage and socialize at the stroke of the keyboard. Unfortunately, this overload of information also comes with the inherent tendency to confuse. Nowhere have I seen more confusion stirred than when it comes to the cacophony of voices doling out relationship advice to those in desperate and degrading marriages and relationships.

Over the past few years, I personally have been inundated with questions about sex and submission, money and parenting. In the beginning I did my best to answer in the most thoughtful and theologically correct way. Now, my answer is simply, “Submit to your husband in everything not overtly sinful.” It’s not the most comforting answer to most women, but I sincerely believe the best way to obtain guidance on how to be the wife of a particular man is to ask that man.

Recently, the women of TC came to conclude that this is the best approach to take in online discussions as well.  What’s more, this is the most Biblical approach. Wives are admonished in Scripture that if we want to inquire about something, we should ask our own husbands, at home:

Let your women keep silent in the churches, for they are not permitted to speak; but they are to be submissive, as the law also says. And if they want to learn something, let them ask their own husbands at home…1 Corinthians 14:34-35

While we recognize that this was a reference to proper church conduct, it has become clear to us that the frequent Internet discussions on the nature of feminine submission, masculine leadership, and how this plays out in Christian marriage are areas where we should take our discussion form the keyboard to the head of the board, and ask our own husbands.

To that end we have decided to ask our husbands, all strong, masculine and thoughtful men in their own right, what they think makes a great leader, a good husband,  a strong marriage. With their consent, we will post their thoughts on any number of issues. The results of those conversations will run here is a series of periodic posts.