Sexual Freedom and the Control of Adolescents

Posted on October 3, 2012 by

One of the somewhat common hypocrisies one sees today is the one that decries sexual activity amongst “children”, ie those under age 18, but not sexual perversion amongst adults. This is in some respects paradoxical, but is in other respects a necessary reaction to the inherent problems of modern sexual freedom. Sexual freedom opens the door to the exploitation of the innocent. In former ages girls sometimes married at young ages, but they never relied only on their own judgment when they did. Their parents and community would help them to find a suitable husband. Today we supposedly believe in “freedom”, but of course one’s freedom is naturally impeded by the freedom of others. This means that for the apparent protection of adolescents, they are to be treated as children and prevented from having sexual relations with others under any circumstance.

In a modern sexual order young men and women can easily be taken advantage of by others, and that is the main justification for laws restricting sexual behavior. This is about more than just the protection of adolescents, however. It is also an attempt to reinforce the nuclear family as a substitute for the extended family, and impose a new and more modern socio cultural order as a replacement for traditional morality. Contra certain bloggers out there, ( this is a modernist attitude, and is not based on natural law. And contrary to some stereotypes, those who support sexual controls upon adolescents do overlap with those who support sexual freedom among adults. Examples of this can be found at many parenting sites by people who support corporal punishment. Read issue #32 of Bottom Line Magazine ( which clearly advocates the spanking of teenagers for sexting or the use of pornography. Although tolerant of Christianity, the editors of the magazine were not interested in giving support to traditional morality. Another example is the eagerness by some to rigorously oppose “teen pregnancy”, but not single motherhood and other far more radical household arrangements. Madonna’s song “Papa Don’t Preach” was criticized by Alfred Moran, the executive director of Planned Parenthood New York for encouraging teenage pregnancy ( Alfred Moran is clearly not a traditionalist, being a man who clearly advocates abortion.

Restrictions on adolescent sexual behavior are part and parcel of all attempts to impose a modern sexual order. If the adult is sexually free, the only means of controlling his behavior is to indoctrinate him when he is younger. In some respects this indoctrination is like a “pre reeducation camp”. Without it today’s sexual order could easily spin off the rails, and the control of adolescent sexuality is the compromise settled on.