Anglo Feminism is all about status whoring

Posted on October 10, 2012 by

Feminism in the Anglosphere (which is becoming the major strain of feminism due to globalization and the spread of the English language) is about entitled princesses (and their princes).

It strongly supports strong, independent, high-status women from the UMC (e.g. Upper-Middle Class) all the way to the elite. But most of all, it’s obsessed with high-status men (aka alphas) and will create sexual harassment suits against an average man because he’s not a demi god (preferably a full-blown god). Apparently, for these women, average men are creeps and rapists. They’re abusive, they’re strange, they’re simply evil.

I don’t think the illegitimacy rates and the death of marriage in the lower classes, which is starting to affect the middle classes, can simply be blamed on poverty or even lack of knowledge about human sexual reproduction. It’s stupidity, lack of future time orientation, race, marital chaos, poverty, lack of knowledge and other factors. Marriage will become the exception, rather than the rule, in the future due to the feminist exaltation of female CEOs and the few hyper-achieving women and the disregard for the middle-class girl who works at a middle-class profession. The gamers are hedonists but they’re on to something here. There’s this strain of love for alphas (whether female or male) while betas (the middle class) is considered a threat, in the eyes of feminism. Omegas? Who cares about them.

Low-status to middle class women do not have a lot of choices and cannot pursue a princess entitled lifestyle like upper-class women can, or better yet, “Having it all“, while not burning out and coming out half-decent. They have this small to mid-sized deck given to them in life and their choice of husbands is not as long as for other women. This whole choice addiction can only apply to high-status women. Other girls, who are perhaps middle-class or plain in looks or something else that makes them not the cream of the crop, either choose wisely (e.g. go for common-law marriage or cohabitation where both father and mother are present, since marriage may not be affordable to them), or end up as single mothers (e.g. pursuing choice addiction).

Not every girl can live in security, behind gated communities and being protected by her feminist family, corporations and sectors of the government. Not every girl can afford day-care and buying luxury items or getting expensive vacations or whatnot. Is any girl who is below UMC unmarriageable all of the sudden? This is perhaps one of the reasons young middle-class guys are starting to marry less to their middle-class female counterparts and following the foot steps of their underclass brothers. Not only is it not affordable, she’s not UMC or above. He’s also not UMC or above. So why should they marry?

Legal marriage, as a whole, unfortunately has become dangerous for average Joes and is losing its appeal for average Janes.