Intelligence is irrelevant

Posted on November 8, 2012 by

I’ve seen it constantly, the debates between the HBD crowd and the minority apologists. On the one hand, the HBDers (and their sympathizers and followers) claim that the reason why black people have higher crime rates is because they’re inherently less intelligent. Their relative idiocy apparently translates into violent dysfunction. The minority apologists step quickly up to claim that it isn’t true. Black people don’t have lower IQ! Or they have lower IQ because of *mumble, mumble* environmental factors… and don’t be mean… and you’re racist… and it’s all Bush’s fault.

Now, regardless of the merits of each argument, I’d like to stop and ask a simple question:

If black people had higher IQs, would they be less criminal?

Not only has nobody answered this question for me, I have yet to see anyone else ask it. And indeed, there is a clear correlation between crime rates and intelligence, so obviously correlation equals causation and black people are just too dumb to be civilized.

But then, black people today have significantly higher IQs than white people in the 1930s (because of the Flynn effect, IQs have been rising across the board). Were white people in the 1930s more or less depraved than black people are today? Also, black IQ has been steadily rising, at the same time that their behavior has been steadily degrading. They have, it appears, been becoming more corrupt as they have become more intelligent.

If correlation truly equaled causation, then could I not simply declare that “the smarter people get, the more they act like beasts”? Or could it simply be that intelligence is not wisdom, and there’s something more complicated going on here?

Nevermind. It was a stupid question. Carry on.

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