On the greedy brown people

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I have already opined on the problem of black intelligence, and today I’d like to discuss another modern scourge. Namely, brown greed. Not only are black people too stupid, brown people are too greedy, and that is what is wrong with the world today.

This much is clear.

Now, we know that brown people are too greedy because of the Obamaphone video, which provides conclusive and irrefutable evidence. If you have missed it before, please view here what we are dealing with:


White people are not greedy because they do not have an Obamaphone. This is because white people are never poor enough to receive such welfare, and we all know that wealthy people are never greedy or corrupt. We know that because Jesus said that the wealthier have an easier time getting into Heaven (not a direct quote).

White people also all vote Republican. This is because white people are not greedy, unlike the greedy brown people who vote for Democrats.

So, let’s see… Democrats are people who want the government to tax the earned income of the productive class (married men of working age, most of whom are white) and spread that wealth around to the unproductive classes (everyone else). Republicans are people who want to tax the earned income of that same productive class and spread that wealth around to people who own public shares and similar financial investments (i.e. banksters and wealthier retirees) who tend to vote for Republicans.

Did you see what I did there? Neither did I.

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