What this election has taught us

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Since I’ve taken lately to littering this space with my thoughts, I’ve decided to keep up the good work and dump my post-election neurosis upon our hapless readership. I apologize in advance for my pessimism. It’s not as bad as all that. It’s actually much worse.

So, here is my top five list of:

Things This Election Has Taught Us

  1. Progressives hate us. Not only do they hate us, they think that we are evil incarnate. Or they think that we are insane. Some of them are more moderate and assume that we are merely insanely evil. Some are crying in relief that we are not going to abuse women by confiscating their tampons. That is not actually a joke.
  2. Minorities vote as a block, even when it doesn’t make any sense for them to do so, and even when they have to betray their own faith to do so. They put priority on sticking it to Evil White Men over bettering their own position. This is not new or surprising, but the extent to which this happened is absolutely breathtaking.
  3. Middle class Working-class white men, like my own husband, have been abandoned by both political parties. No, really. This is also not a joke. They realize this themselves, which is why so many of them stayed home on election night. When faced with the choice of casting a ballot for the person who would enslave them to Big Government and the one who would sell them out to Big Business, they decided to go with, “No, thanks.”
  4. Christians in general, orthodox Christians in particular, and orthodox Catholics to be very specific, are seen as a problem that needs to be solved. Their focus on petty wedge-issues like the “right to life” and “upholding the sanctity of marriage” results in a distraction from bigger questions like, “Should we print more fiat money in order to finance more spending or should we print a heck of a lot more of it?” This is now the consensus on the left and on what passes for the right.
  5. And — last, but certainly not least — unmarried women seem to have become some sort of political plague. Perhaps we should consider ending suffrage.
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