A tribute to skirts

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I dislike pants. Not on principle, so much as on me. They look strange on me and emphasize all of the bits I would rather conceal. They are also decidedly uncomfortable, as they ride up between my legs, constrict my movements, dig into my stomach, and limit air flow in a very unfortunate manner.

Skirts and dresses, on the other hand, do precisely the opposite. They allow me to move freely, to sway my hips as the dress swings around my legs. If it is a shorter or straighter skirt, then it shows off my legs to greatest effect without emphasizing my crotch or drawing all eyes to my behind. It’s true that some women look attractive in pants, but a pretty woman in pants will generally be even prettier in a dress, and a woman who isn’t very pretty isn’t going to do herself any beauty-favors by eschewing skirts.

Some men claim to prefer women in pants, but then an elegant lady strolls in wearing a swishing dress with a tapered waist and all of their eyes are on her. Yes, the girl in jeans so tight that they leave nothing to the imagination is hotter, but it’s not “hot” that draws you in the most. We know the truth, fellas. It is a hard, harsh truth. Actually, it’s a soft, feminine, flowing, flattering truth.

So today, on a day when I woke up and discovered that I desperately needed to do the laundry as all of my skirts and dresses are in the wash, on a day when I’ve resorted to a sweater and leggings instead of my beloved bits of gentle cloth… today I offer you:

A tribute to skirts

Don’t hate me because they are beautiful.

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