Anti-feminist videos

Posted on December 10, 2012 by

Price, over at The Spearhead, has managed to dig up two interesting videos that are worth a watch.

First, a great Toyota commercial, which originally had a text encouraging men to live out their “inner chauvinist”. Good for a chuckle.

Second, a quite disturbing one of feminists blocking the entrance to a Men’s Rights conference. Bizarre-looking people, who scream obscenities, and get into a brawl with police while complaining about the other side’s supposed propensity to violence. Considering that Warren Farrell is among the most peace-loving people in our society, this is a case of the wild preaching to the mild, if there ever was one.

Reminds me of this video of rabid, gross feminists attacking a clean-cut and peaceful group of Christians who are attempting to protect a cathedral from defacement. And, if you want me to really ruin your day, check out why they were being attacked, in the first place.