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When I announced that we are beginning to make plans for our move back to Germany, many of you said that one of the problems with Germany is that homeschooling is verboten there. This is very true. In cases of bullying or mental/physical illness you can often get away with it by getting a doctor’s note, but nearly all children are expected to attend school.

But here’s the thing: Germans (and their Austrian, Bohemian, and Swiss relations) are among the most socially-conservative people in Europe. There is, after all, a reason why the feminists yearn to turn America into Sweden and not into a “backward” Central European country. The lands that gave us Kinder, Küche, Kirche, and in which the majority of mothers are homemakers or work part-time, aren’t really the Feminist Paradise they wish to achieve. In America, I’m considered a dangerous reactionary, but in Germany I’m just another conservative.

So, how have the Germanic men managed to retain their right to pee standing up, despite the fact that their children must all attend public schools? Half-day schooling, that’s how. School typically goes from about 8:30am to 12:30pm, or so. Sometimes until 1:30 pm, for the older ones. Even the schools that are full-day, such as in Switzerland, usually send the children home for lunch. Let me repeat that: the children come home for lunch. Yes, they do.

The school’s short day means that they have to focus on essential material instead of propaganda, most of the actual learning is done at home (so all material is filtered through the parents), and the mothers are under pressure to stay in the house so that the children aren’t coming home to dark, cold rooms. In the end, children spend most of their daytime hours outside of school. Leftists realize the impact of this setup, and are therefore hounding the Central Europeans to “modernize” their school systems, but the changes are incredibly slow and poorly-financed because the populous just isn’t that crazy about the idea.

Although I’m a big proponent of and participant in the Homeschool Revolution, I also recognize that it isn’t actually a model for everyone. Traditionalists can have a wider impact by promoting both of these models: homeschooling and half-schooling.  Homeschooling will always be a minority venture, but half-schooling could quickly transform the entire public school system and save the government a ton of money in the process. A school that meets only in the mornings, or only every-other-day, can impart the same amount of education without most of the political detritus that they currently poison the children with.

In other words: shorten the amount of hours the children spend in school and you’ll have more luck keeping the teachers focused on what they’re actually supposed to be teaching.

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