Liberalism is Barbaric

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After reading Vox Day’s post (though I disagree with his theological views on the Trinity), I had an epiphany. Liberalism idolizes savagery and pre-historian times. Taking one back to the grass huts. There are some parallels between barbaric societies (e.g. nomads, hunter-gatherers) and liberal lifestyles below.

A hunter-gatherer or forager society is one in which most or all food is obtained from wild plants and animals

Exhibit A: Disdain for carbohydrates and fats. The entire hierarchical food structure is seen as bad. No balance. No wonder it tends to hate Mediterranean and French cuisine and idolizes either neutered vegetarians or blood-sucking meat killers.

According to the endurance running hypothesis, long-distance running as in persistence hunting, a method still practiced by some hunter-gatherer groups in modern times, was likely the driving evolutionary force leading to the evolution of certain human characteristics.

Exhibit B: Excessive long distance running is a favourite activity. There is an affinity for over-exercising. Or being completely lazy and not moving. There is no moderation. Just reductionism. Exercising too much is a ritual, one which makes one feel alive, in order to stir something inside (the dead soul perhaps). It’s vitalism running amok.

Hunter-gatherer societies tend to be relatively mobile, given their reliance upon the ability of a given natural environment to provide sufficient resources in order to sustain their population and the variable availability of these resources owing to local climatic and seasonal conditions.

Exhibit C: Always moving. There is no home. Everything is open for borders. One generation comes in and the next one comes out. There is no history, no family heritage, no continuity.

Among hunter-gatherers, there are usually no prohibitions against abortion

Exhibit D: No prohibitions whatsoever against abortion is another interesting factor.

Hunter-gatherer societies also tend to have relatively non-hierarchical, egalitarian social structures. This might have been more pronounced in the more mobile societies.

Exhibit E: Matriarchal world where both men and women look like one another (e.g. modern bodybuilding and beauty pageants where both sexes are assimilated into the male form), the mother is all that there is (e.g. single motherhood increasing in America) and there is no division of labour.

Yet somehow, the evil Patriarchy (e.g. a result of Middle Eastern pastoral and agricultural communities) is called prehistoric and their adherents cavemen? It’s mostly projection. Liberalism is more the flavor of cavemen. It disregards civilization.

Violence in hunter-gatherer societies is usually rare, caused by grudges and vendettas. Warfare over land was rare and with few fatalities as tribes could easily move to unoccupied or easily invaded areas. The land was seen as belonging to all and owned by none.

Exhibit F: There is this twisted thirst for world peace and “making the world safe for liberalism”. In addition to their way of life, hunter-gatherers are often regarded as “nasty, brutish, and short”. There are more births, but there are more deaths as well, all in the flicker of the eye.

At the end, modern Western liberalism seems like a mixture between The European Enlightenment and The Barbarian, both leading to a Brave New World.

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