Men’s last stand

Posted on February 2, 2013 by

In The Thinking Housewife’s recent post, she documents how the Catholic priesthood and similarly orthodox church leadership are really the last organizations that women are barred from entering. Although women are pounding violently at the Vatican’s door, it has managed to hold the line against the shrieking harridans that have overrun the rest of Western civilization.

As we have to witness the humiliation of a feminized military, Boy Scouts for gays, and girl-quotas for STEM subjects, it’s easy to feel dejected. I read about the latest salvo against men in the Paycheck Fairness Act and German-language articles about some female reporter being flirted with and claiming sexual harassment, and then I gazed across the table at my own Evil White Male Christian Patriarch and sighed.

And then I made a little prayer of thanks for the Church. The one place left in all of Christendom where men can be still men. Perhaps that will be the source of a new beginning.

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