Mecca moves to Maryland

Posted on February 5, 2013 by

I went to the Annapolis Mall yesterday and was unsurprised to see it devoid of all of the black and white Marylanders that usually inhabit it: the Superbowl was about to start, and we were running a bit late. I cringed a bit at the skank-wear clothing stores that now line the main hallway (the Borders bookstore closed and took many quality stores with it), rolled my eyes at the fact that I was probably the only native English speaker in the building that day, and then I got a shock that caused me to stop dead in my tracks.

A woman passed by me in niqab.

I cringed. Anyone who hasn’t seen this in real life can’t imagine how unsettling it is to turn around and see a woman dressed in this monstrosity. It’s not an “alternative outfit” or an attempt at modesty, but rather something out of a nightmare. We put sheets over our heads and say, “Boo!” because it’s frightening to see someone with their face completely obscured.

As I noted yesterday and last week, the shape, texture, and expression of a human face transmits so much information that to severely hide or obscure it is to smother natural interaction. The niqab or burqa has the same effect… live and in person… right up in your face… while you’re walking down the street with your young children in tow.

Well, I’m a modern and relatively tolerant person (stop laughing), so I shook myself and walked on to purchase some new shoes for my little one.

And there went another.

Yes, here in the People’s Republic of Maryland, I encountered not one… not two… but a grand total of three¬†women in niqab walking around the mall, all within the span of one hour. I’ve seen these women before, in Bowie at the Town Center. In DC, strolling along the Mall. But three? What is going on here?

What is going on is the resettlement of the West. From acid attacks in London to niqab in Maryland, we’re being slowly, steadily, and relatively quietly repopulated by a religious group that isn’t afraid to offend us because it considers us so inferior that our complaints are just the whining of children. They aren’t even trying to outnumber us, but are winning the game by being more obstinate than we are; by shifting the goalposts and succeeding in getting the native governments to bend to their will.

It’s a game called Creeping Sharia, also known as “playing chicken”. They ask us for what they want and we deny it. Then they ask us again, say, “Boo!”, and we give it to them. They call our bluff every time.

While the .gov rants about Crazy Christian Conservatives, whose protests are ineffectual at best, we’re being shown up by those a bit more enthusiastic. Unlike us, they don’t share any ethnic ties to the native secularists, so they don’t fall for appeals to solidarity. Unlike us, they don’t have any scruples against using violence to attain their will. Unlike us, they’re not us. Nor are they interested in ever being us. And now, with their… erm… fashion choices, they’ve decided to make that plain, in a gross show of contempt that is hard to miss.

Ban the burqa. France had the right idea.


I’ve had some responses already, and I’d like to address them here, as I think they get to the heart of the problem we’re facing.

This is not a fashion issue. It isn’t. It’s always their first step to sharia courts (which we already have, but which are becoming more widespread, and which will eventually seep into criminal law), attacking Christian churches, murdering Jews in the street, honor killings, legalizing polygamy, rape epidemics of the natives, and etc. It doesn’t even take much for them to completely monopolize the government, as nobody will stop them, and everyone will try as hard as possible to change the laws to accommodate them.

Look at Europe. It always starts with the burqa. We have a chance to react differently, before they take over. Immigrants have a moral responsibility to integrate, or they must be exported.