Real Freedom Of Speech

Posted on February 11, 2013 by

We often discuss the various factors in the traditional sphere which led to the divide between men and women. So far, we’ve come up with a key elements. Of course, many of them stem from feminism’s influence.

Feminism is adamant in allowing a woman to have “her say” and “express her mind” with all things. Whether they actually pertain to women is of no consequence, because a woman should be able to have an opinion in everything. Unfortunately in this endeavor to hear every woman’s voice, the opinion of man is prohibited and is drowned out by the clamor.

When it comes to “women’s issues,” men are criticized for speaking their minds. A man can hardly share his opinion about abortion without the uterine-holding card reminder and therefore, could not possibly know a thing. A man can hardly set boundaries down in his household without being accused of control issues, even though he cares deeply for the safety of his wife and children. A man can hardly comment on a woman’s modesty without stirring the ire of feminists. Why so many women get angry when men present tasteful examples of modest women is beyond understanding– yet women continue to have an influence in designing men’s clothing. Many women want to have their opinion on everything, but when a man wants to have an opinion on something “belonging” to women, he’s trampled. Why?

We are facing a gag order on men. While many American women in particular feel more empowered by speaking their minds, more American men refrain for fear of retaliation. The men who do speak are hurled with the accusations of sexism and using “the patriarchy” as a tool for tyrannical control.

Let’s face it– we cannot strive for truth or knowledge if either sex is banned from the discussion of solutions. Women often don’t understand the frame they speak from can be a limited one. This centers around a smaller scale and focuses less on objectivity and more on building relationships. While these are no faults, we benefit more from the men not because they have a different perspective, but because they can lead from their perspective. Men’s opinions can solidify ideas which are best for the whole and which focus on preserving what we hold as holy. 1 Peter 4:11 “If any man speak, let him speak, as the words of God.” Whether it be the preservation of traditional marriage, protecting fatherhood and custody of children, guarding the hearts of his children, or defending homemaking, let him speak.

Imagine in a marriage, if a wife insisted on always “being heard” while her husband remains quiet. Such a situation eventually spells doom, not withstanding the disrespect of a husband’s authority. This is not to say wives are not allowed to have an opinion, or her opinion does not matter. It means it is beneficial for her to heed his opinion first. In doing this, it means we must. be. quiet. 1 Peter 3 “…but let it be the hidden person of the heart with the imperishable jewel of a gentle and quiet spirit, which in God’s sight is very precious.” A gentle and quiet spirit is one we should take if we are to truly listen.

In the end we are all better off listening more, rather than formulating what we would like to say as the speaker is still talking. Especially if it’s a man whose opinion differs from your own. We could all learn something from this.

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