Mating Misshaps: A fable

Posted on April 3, 2013 by

There once was a brown hen who fancied herself the favorite of the rooster. She spent days honing her cry: cock-a-doodle-doo! She worked hard at keeping the other hens in line, paraded around the perimeter of the yard, and occasionally strutted and challenged other roosters to fights, all in order to prove her roostering credentials and impress the rooster of her dreams. She noticed him observing her efforts, and preened.

Then, one morning, she awoke to find the rooster had fertilized another hen’s eggs. The horror! When she confronted the rooster as to why he did not reward her roostering prowess with a nest of chicks, he calmly answered, “I’m a rooster. I don’t mate with other roosters, I mate with hens. Where you compete with me, she submits. Where you crow, she clucks. Where you stalk, she nests. What in the world would a rooster want with another rooster?”

She was livid and told him that he just wasn’t rooster enough for her.

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