The Impotent Man

Posted on April 4, 2013 by

From Business Insider:

Police arrested a third suspect in the rape of an American student who was assaulted as her French boyfriend was forced to look on during a horrific six-hour abduction aboard a Rio minibus…

The American, 21, and the Frenchman, 23, according to local media, boarded a minibus around midnight Saturday in touristy Copacabana headed to Lapa, a trendy area home to popular bars and dance clubs.

Two men who also boarded the minibus ordered the rest of the passengers to get off and handcuffed their victims.

They then proceeded to beat the young man with a metal bar and rape the young woman as they rode around the city, the special police for aid to tourists (DEAT) said.

The stories are becoming more common. Being middle class used to provide some protection against such crimes, but that is no longer the case.

The young woman gang-raped in India, while her hapless lover looks on. Another young woman gang-raped in India, while her hapless lover looks on. The young woman gang-raped in Brazil, while her hapless lover looks on… I’m sensing some sort of pattern.

Rape is common enough, especially in some parts of the world, but why are they making the men watch? They beat these men nearly unconscious, then pep them up and turn them into horrified observers. It is this especially punitive aspect of these rapes — aspects that define the crimes as acts of rage, rather than a simple lack of sexual inhibition and inebriated wildness — that catapulted them into the international spotlight and seems to be spurring on copycats around the world. What is this about?

I’ll hazard a guess. They are less angry at the women than they are at the men. Full possession of women — being a lover and not merely a one-night-stand — is becoming an elite habit. In the lower classes it is nearly non-existent now, and the tension is rising between the haves and the have-nots. It’s a sort of sexual class-warfare. Some men have everything. They have a nice car to drive, a nice job to work, a nice home to live in, and a nice woman to bed at night.

I hear them, you know. I hear them when I walk down the street, even in our quiet town, which is why I’m increasingly limiting my pedestrian habits. At the moment, the presence of my husband seems to keep them silent and at bay, in a sort of uneasy truce, but for how much longer? At what point is a male lover not a protector, but an impotent defender and therefore an additional victim? At what point does the cup of envy runneth over?

We are not seeing this merely at the personal level, but also at the societal level, where racial and ethnic conflicts are opening entire groups of women to abuse. Stick it to the man by sticking it to his women. Humiliate him. Emasculate him.

And what prevents these angry men from wreaking havoc? The threat of a counterattack? There are so many more of them than there are of us, and they’re more prone to traveling in packs. The threat of legal punishment? Hardly. They already have criminal records and couldn’t care less about being put back in the prison they just came out of. The threat of public disapproval or shaming? Please, let’s not be silly.

Is this the point where the men on our side of the class divide recognize that they are outnumbered and helpless to defend their women — even if they own firearms and think of themselves as veritable Rambos — and begin working on Plan B? Are we now Brazil del Norte, or is there still time left? Do the gated communities go up in small town America? Do they start spending money on  guards, barbed wire, security systems, and anti-rape cages? Do they start restricting our freedom of movement and reducing our work-life out of concern for our safety?

Not yet. We’re not quite there yet. But soon.