Not everyone will be skinny, but you still don’t have to be fat

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In my previous post I included this advice to a newlywed bride:

Do not let yourself go. When you’re young and beautiful, this hardly registers on your radar screen. However, marriage is a long haul. Babies come, you get tired, you eat junk, and you get lazy. Develop healthy habits now. The bloom of youth keeps at bay what it will not a few years from now without some work on your part. Your husband will appreciate the effort.

In response Chris, a longtime reader and ubiquitous commenter here at TC linked to an old post by Grerp, who blogs at The Lost Art of Self-Preservation (for Women). In that post, she admonishes overweight women: lose weight. We’re on the record here about the importance of staying fit. The inspiration for this however, was the comment thread from Grerp’s post because it reminded me a great deal of the comments on a similar thread at my now abandoned personal blog.

Women are almost guaranteed to show up and vehemently protest any time another woman dares to imply that we don’t have to be fat, even after having children. They ask us to accept that it is possible to healthy at every size, and that thinness does not necessarily equal health. We need to get something straight once and for all.

When we say lose weight, we are not saying you have to a size 2, or even a 4 or a 6.

We are not saying that you can never eat anything you enjoy ever again.

We are not saying that you must subscribe to the beauty standards of fashion magazines or Hollywood.

We are saying that there is no excuse to still be 50 pounds overweight 2 years after giving birth. Unless of course, you’re 9 months pregnant again. :).

We are saying that it is possible to be a healthy normal weight and maintain that over the long haul by exercising a modicum of self-control.

Stop accusing us of perpetuating oppression against women. It will not work because it’s bull. Somehow, our grandmothers and great grandmothers by and large, managed to go through life without being obese or morbidly obese.

Stop making excuses for not wanting to do the hard thing.  I sometimes hate that I have to skip lunch 3 days a week. I’m a sandwich lover after all, but I do what I gotta do.

So should you. Deal with it. When you’re ready to stop making excuses, see Vanessa’s post, Don’t Be Fat.

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