Rape in public

Posted on April 12, 2013 by

Rape has always been a four-letter-word, but now it seems to have become particularly fitting for graffiti. Specifically, you can ruin someone’s life by scrawling it all over their Facebook wall. As we can see explicitly illustrated in two separate and opposite situations.

Situation A:

GUILTY: Verdict Handed Down In Steubenville High School Rape Case
3 Teens Arrested For Sexual Assault Of 15-Year-Old Teen Who Committed Suicide
and, because such things strangely seem to come in threes:
A Canadian Teen Hanged Herself After Everybody At School Saw Pictures Of Her Alleged Rape

Now, in the first case, we already have a verdict, but in the second two, we still don’t really know who is publicly lynching who. Although, I suspect, committing suicide is pretty strong personal testimony and it’s illegal in both countries to distribute underage porn. Everyone’s favorite internet investigators/vigilantes, Anonymous, are hot on the Canadian case. Should get… erm… interesting.

And then we have Situation B:

Where someone called Jenn Allen accuses — in a public forum, rather than in a police precinct — a relatively prominent man (and her ex-boyfriend) of raping her. Now, the way she went about it was strange and his response is pretty damning, but I’ve had enough to do with such men that I’m going to reserve judgment.

In both cases, we can see how social media is beginning to circumvent the law. The police have become increasingly apathetic, corrupt, and underfunded, so people are taking their complaints directly to the public.