We can’t get to mud huts fast enough

Posted on April 12, 2013 by

For a while there, I was experiencing “outrage fatigue”, but it’s come back with a vengeance lately. I’m just pretty horrified by our society overall. Sometimes I’m horrified by how men are treated, sometimes I’m horrified by how women are treated, and sometimes I’m just generally horrified.

Things have become commonplace now that I find absolutely, depressingly evil. Reading news reports about girls and women being sexually abused and then publicly humiliated or demonized, and gang-raped, is enough to make me want to lock my daughter up in her room until she’s menopausal. 12 year-olds are being pressured to take preemptive birth control because “it’s just a matter of time before she starts having sex”. And then there’s the mundane ass-for-gas reports of middle-class girls “working” as sugar babies, strippers and amateur prostitutes, or even simply shining shoes in their underwear for the scum of Wall Street.

And how do young women decide to fight back against their own objectification? Slutwalks and bare-breasted protests. The irony is so deafening that they can’t even hear it. It’s like a conservative dog whistle.

The sexualization of women has reached a new low-point, to match the rest of the culture. It’s all… revolting. I don’t know if the men or the women are more revolting. It’s such a close competition.

All I know is: Things that cannot go on forever will eventually stop. Nothing heralds the complete collapse of a society like the whoring of an entire generation of women.

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