Entitlement dating?

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We were discussing breasts, etc., at Morticia’s, and commenter Deep Strength left a thoughtful comment, prime for mining:

“Western countries with the obesity epidemic are really, really, really disappointing at the moment. Couple that with the American entitlement complex AND to add to that the pervasiveness of Churchianity.”

Men have their preferences, and it makes sense a man would gravitate, at least initially, toward women with certain physical characteristics.  Taste in appearance varies widely, and the list would be long,  but there seems to be uniformity among men on three matters: don’t be a lard-ass, don’t be a bitch, and manage to chastely yet clearly project that the man who chooses you (permanently) will be enthusiastically laid on a regular basis*. Wash, rinse, repeat.


(fyi:  this girl is clearly committed to none of the three things I mentioned)

That is a pretty generous set of standards, and makes it all the more clear that the burden on women is themselves, and the “he should love me for myself, fat rolls, bad attitude, partner count and all” cultural meme.  The lack of simple effort on the part of most women these days is what is astonishing.  Men don’t really demand so much.  It just isn’t that hard to get a man’s attention, and not much harder to hold it unless you’re simply determined to be a fat old meanie.  Have half a brain and you’re golden.

It would seem, though, that now we have Entitlement Entanglement,  whereby gigantic slovenly harpies demand sex and companionship from the unwilling, under the threat of abuse and destruction?  Isn’t that – you know – like rape?

(I totally hijacked the image from Roosh’s 40 pictures post, a recent classic, proving once again that women will freeload at every given opportunity.)

* Yes, this is possible.

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